17013 NY City Ballet Winter Luncheon17015 Everglades Foundation17033 Save Venice Gala17039 New Yorkers for Children17043 Studio Museum Spring Lunch17045 NY Pops Dinner17046 Central Park Lunch17046 NY City Ballet Dinner17046 NY City Ballet Red Carpet Spring 201717047 NY City Ballet Terrace Shots17048 Emily's Birthday17052 Met Opera Gala Spring 201717054 BAP17055 Lincoln Center Spring 201717058 BCRF17062 Beat the Odds17064 ABT Spring Gala 201717065 Botanical Gardens Gala 20171707417107 NY's for Children Fall Gala17112 NY Philharmonic Fall 201717116 Met Opera Fall Gala 201717118 NYC Ballet Dinner17118 NYC Ballet Fall Gala Red Carpet17120 Carnegie Hall Fall Gala 201717137 Harlem School of the Arts17143 Studio Museum Harlem fall 201717146 DIA 201717159 CCBF Fall Gala 201717161 UNICEF17165 FARE17167 Belvedere Ball17171 AMC17173 Botanical Gardens